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Advance into the world with Japanese products and culture
We will expand Japanese market, share to Chinese total population of 1.35 billion people.
Certainly, we will offer the charm of each Japanese prefecture,
the goodness of Japan, and culture.

Business in China

AEON Hong Kong Holdings Limited

Signed an exclusive contract as a dealer with Merchant Group (Tanzhou)Import Store Limited and Japanese products.

Introduction about CHINA Merchants GROUP

CHINA Merchants GROUP is one of the Comprenhensive Large State-Owned Enterprise Group, and mainly three major core industries: traffic, finace, and real estate. In 1872, they started the business in Shanghai from bank, insurance, and 8inanee. In 1979, they developed industrial zone in faucet, and they started the merchat shipping business in China for the first time. In current, it has more than 50 corporations under the China Marchants Group.

Business Introduction
  • Finance Business

    Merchants bank lanches more than 1,000 in Japan, and the whole world including America etc.
    In addition, widely deployed in stock, insurance, and fund businesses.

  • Real Estate

    Expand across whole China
    Developing town and harbor etc.

  • Traffic

    They have ship, harbor, public roads etc, and developing logistics business.

Introduction of exclusive contract project
  • Expanding the products made in Japan, to hotel, restaurants, and commercial facilities etc.
    Handling various of products for business and customer

  • We are planning to launch 300 of shopping mall in China as a directly managed stores.

  • Cross Border EC, Cross Border APP(Application)
    Operated in China

Products we handle. All made in Japan

  • For Consumer

    • Seasoning
    • Dry noodles
    • Snacks
    • Detergent
    • Baby supplies
    • Mineral water
    • Soft Drinks
    • Japanese sake, beer, cocktails etc.
  • For Business

    • Seasoning
    • Frozen ingredients
    • Dry noodles
    • Dessert
    • Flour

We are working together with Merchant Group (Tanzhou) Import Store Limited,
as we consider entering China as a Japan manufacture agent stores

The company whom are considering advance in China and export.

Please feel free to contact us for transaction method.
We are also possible for payment settlement in Japan.



We are supplying Japanese culture.

Inquiries for AEON Hong Kong Holdings Limited, Export to China, Export to overseas etc.

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