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Commitment to beauty and healthy research

Since 1998, we have been striving for health Improvement that is unchanged from history and achievement, medical advisor, the certain effect based on evidence(scientific evidence) for each by specialized field such as sport instructors, and we regularly develop and research commitment products that demonstrate highly specialized professionals for health and beauty.
We have radically improved the discomfort side of many people, we have balance in skeleton, musle,hormones, and autonomic nerves. Flexibility by moving the body. Due to nutrition and the importance of food balance, we have carefully selected from specialists with high professional studies and raw materials and have worked on elucidation and the mechanism of action.
Its effort are not limited to the company itself, a network with various research institutions is utilized, and it has become a thing with sense of speed. Health Improvement that is unchanged from history and achievement, to future and to the world, we will develop it as a product without stopping and provide it to people who think about health improvememt.

Introduction of Health Advisor

  • Dr. Atsushi Matsumura

    President of Medical Corporation Shoujukai
    Medical Director of Matsuyama Clinic
    Center Director of Gunma General Medical Center
    Medical Counselor of Kioicho Plaza Clinic
    Scientific Advisory Board, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF
    Chairman, World Academy of Anti-aging and
    Regenerative Medicine (WAARM)
    Scientific Advisory Board, European Society of Preventative,
    Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine (ESAAM)
    Integrative Medicine of Japan Council member
    Chairman, Japan Society of Clinical Medicine in Hair Growth
    Chairman, Japanese Medical Spa Association
    Certified Medical Specialist of Japan Society of Aesthetic
    Plastic Surgery
    Certified Spa Therapy Specialist of The Japanese
    Society of Balneology, Climatology and Physical Medicine
    Certified Physician of Japanese Society Of Travel Medicine
    Graduated from Kyorin University Faculty of Medicine
    Instructor of Assistant of Keio University School Of Medicine Original Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
    (Current: Keio Junior College Nursing)

    Director of National Hospital Pathology Division Clinical Research Department
    Board of Scientific Advisors/Asia-Oceania – The American Academy of
    Anti-Aging Medicine Science Committee, Asia Forum for Aesthetic Sur-
    gery & Medicine (AFAS)

    • Matsuyama Clinic continued from the Edo period

    • Current Matsuyama Clinic

    Message from Dr. Atsushi Matsuyama the director of Matsuyama Clinic

    The point of balance is health and beauty.If your body is well-balanced, the latest medical science predicted that can live healthy and happy independent life till the ages of 120 years old. Health beauty is kept in all balance in body, mind, hormone, vitamin, mineral, and socializing. If the either one of the balance collapsed, it will affect the body and staying in an undisabled state such as being sick, not feeling well, and not get well. Therefore, the balance of body axis, the internal environment of the body, interpersonal relationship and balance of mind is very important.
    Taking all such physical balance well, we are thinking that it is our aggressive medicine, how to live long, healthy and beauty life. Move your body good, adjust your collapsed balance, plus eat healthy food, and the balance of subtle nutrients in the body with safe and effective supplement. More than anything else we would like all to enjoy living a lot positively.

  • Dr. Yukiko Matsuyama

    Director of University of Hawaii Medical Department Atopic Care
    Phycologist of Atena Clinic
    Anti-aging Councelor of Atena Clinic
    International Medical Advisor of Ortho Clinic Ginza

    Message from Yukiko Matsuyama from Ortho Clinic Ginza International Medical Treatment

    As I recognize, the word "Anti-aging " had been introduced to Japan around 1997.At that time, not from the field of preventive medicine, I remembered it rather had being used in the world of beauty. I am living in U.S.A since 1991, the Anti-aging here for Americans are to delay the cell age, which means it started with the interpretation of preventive medicine. I studied preventive medicines while chasing the three major nutrients to make the body, vitamins, minerals, oxygen that connecting it, and the precence of harmful minerals that inhibit nutrient absorption.

Introduction of Sport Instructor

  • Yusuke Tsutsumi

    Sport Osteopathic Therapist
    Official Recognition Asthetic Trainer Of Japan Sport Association
    TPI Golf Fitness Instructor

    In charge of approximately 36 thousand treatment in 10 years, such as body composition, skeletal adjustment, and stretching.
    From the operation that carefully cared for customers, such as physical and mental condition, earned Individual MVP, President Award etc.
    Own one`s own business in 2016, and Established own individual activity, JUMP OUT.
    In current, from general customers to sport athletes, he support total support according to needs, such as maintain health,
    sympton improvement, and performance up as a osteopathic therapist trainer.

    Message from Yusuke Tsutsumi, Sport Osteopathic Therapist

    Till recently, we were attention to "how to avoid from death?" but now the power has been pouring to "how to cure disease?"
    As a result, Japan became a most longevity country in the world.

    However, in general it is a time to think not only live long from now on; "how can we spend healthy with good health?" and "how not to be get ill?"
    As we be absence at work and if the efficiency decreases, it will be involved to our lives.
    Once again, do what we want to do everyday energetically, and live happy, the "Health" is important.
    As to maintain the health, we need to change our consciousness and tackle health regularly.
    To change bones, musles, and nutrition will head to healthy body.
    For that reason, we need to change conscousness from ordinary, and it is important to do self care everyday.

Patent Technology

  • Angel Powder(Qualification)

    NANO-TYPE LACTIC ACID powder from plant(Qualification Number: 4621218)
    The traditional Japanese intake lactic acid bacteria from fermented foods, such as pickles and natto. These are all Plant Lactic Acid Bacteria. Due to that ingested from the old custom and suitable for Japanese, they develop Nano Type Lactic Acid Bacterium. Plant derived nano type lactic acid bacteria have lactic acid bacteria derived from "Sunki pickles" by less than 1 micron by proprietary technology to increase the amount that can be taken into the body bactericidal lactic acid bacteria.

  • Good night pelvis support pant

    Pelvis Support Band(qualification Number:3769582)
    It fits exactly to pelvis portion when you wear it. Fasten with moderate tightness,and relieved to support the waist 360 degrees. Get a qualification technology and tightly support the pelvis.

  • Biryure (beauty flowing )

    Moist circumference system
    Biryure original beauty system
    Three-phrase emulsification technology that emulsifies water and oil with nanoparticles has become a structure that firmly adheres, moistens and ingredients are confined in every corner of the texture and it does not escape.