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Approach to product development that can be relieved

To offer safe and reliable products, we need a varius process to acquisition of evidence and confirmation of safety. With regard to health products at high quality factory based on strict criteria for manufacture for medical products etc.of medical products called GMP(manufacturing management and quality control regulations). Regarding raw materials and package materials as well, we conduct rigorous checks and acceptance tests by the R&D Department of the Quality Assurance, and we are making thorough systems to maintain high quality. We conduct an various performance tests; have personnel and equipment with high expertise, and through quality control.

Wellness life partner's commitment

To bring out the functionality of nature fostered materials, the health foods are commited to quality and hygeine as well.
At the factory that is blended with wisdom from ancient times and the latest technology, it is one of the few factories in the world.
The raw material, the cooking equiptment and the whole facilities environment is considered safe and clean, and do not use and make sure not to touch the "Things that harmful to bodies", "artificial things", and genetically modified food", and some products have acquired Halal certification with thorough process. Accurately grasp the need of diversified and advanced markets, we are constantly developing new technology and products.