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Thought of Wellness Life Partner

Wellness Partner started to make promise into health improvemnet toward the world, and giving faith that want to be a partner in life.
Skeleton, muscle, autonomic nerve, and internal body balance.
Flexibility by moving the body. How food balance is important.
Less sleeping. In addition, the quality of that sleep.
Whichever it takes, it is very essential in life, and imporatnt task.

Based on actual results of pelvic regulation,
in the future toward the world, keep continuing and develop the product, and we are helping to provide the people all over the world to have an smile and be healthy.

Commitment to health beauty research

Since 1998, we practice researching about beauty and health. With a professional such as medical institution and sport instructors, we are daily develop and investigating the items related to health and beauty.
We are producing the products that really necessary to people`s health and beauty as soon as possible even one day. In this moment, the investigate staff bring each others expertise, and to pursue the daily new possibilities.

Our Effort


T.V shopping

Linked with net shopping, such as: supplements, sleeping goods, and health improvement products,
the sales of products that sells 28,000 in one day and products that exceed the cumulative shipment count of long sellers 250 thousand items.

  • Wholesale of health beauty related to goods and sales business

    We are doing wholesales and sales of beauty health related products, our company products, product development of dealings, and comprehensive producers.
    Sales at @Cosme,Tokyu Hands, Plaza

  • The development of original items

    We propose not only cosmetic and health foods but also a wide range of beauty and health related products. We are also developing and proposing pocurement materials for inbound tha are highly required recently.

Collaboration items with models and talent,

Tie-up from the production stage
Only sales just in the internet, more than 600 cases per day,
2,000 items are sold out 3 weeks after from the released.
There was a record that has been waiting for a one month
for additional ordering.


By combining partner strengths familiar with the markets of the country region, we will offer and pursuit high quality services. We are helping everyone whom trying to expand overseas.
We are promoting a project with China Mutual Bureau, and there is AEON Hong Kong Holdings Co.,Ltd. In affiliated company.

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